5pm - 9pm

​ABC Plaza, 60 North East  Road, Walkerville, SA, 5081


The Undiscovered Mysteries of Vietnamese cuisine

Meet Bao (Chef & owner), a young Vietnamese man who has the love for cooking sparked by helping his busy mom prepared meals since his was 5 years olds.

Pursuing his dream, Bao came to Australia, in 2017, and start his journey at ''Le Cordon Bleu”, here in Adelaide. Bringing in those knowledge and years of experience at Ginza Miyako, plus his mom's secret recipes Bao 
opened up his first restaurant, '' Viet's Mystery'', in 2021, located in Walkerville suburb, near Adelaide CBD, it’s only a 10 minute drive from the city to this little slice of Vietnam.
Here at Viet’s Mystery, Bao and his small team serve up fresh produced traditional Vietnamese dishes, like a bowl of Chicken Pho, Grilled Saté Squid, Grilled Pork Chops & rice, etc. He also offers his ''Mystery'' special dishes created by discovering the connection between Vietnamese & Western cuisine

Bao said '' The Gastronomy is not define by Culture, Gender, Age or Religion but love. Seeing my mom enjoying my worst dishes sparked my love for cooking ''. Here at Viet's Mystery We cater most dietary requirements ( GF, Vegan, ect) the best we can without compromising the taste by sourcing best product 

Head to Viet's Mystery, support Bao & the team